Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Season 2, Episode 11. 'Terror On Cupcake Street'

(Acting Class)

Tori- "I dont want to argue with you! I just want us to be happy!"
Andre- "What did you say?!"
Tori- "What'd you say?!"
Andre- "I-I-I cant hear you!"
Sikowitz- "Okay, okay. Take 'em off! See, not so easy to perform the scene when you have a bucket on your head. Is it?"
Tori- "No.."
Andre- "Its difficult."
Sikowitz- "Yes. Well, class dissmissed."
Jade- "But we still have more time?"
Sikowitz- "We do? How much?"
Robbie- "55 minutes?"
Sikowitz- "Oh. Oooh! Well actually I do have something I need to discuss with some of you. Tori, Cat, Andre, Robbie, Jade, stay please! The rest of you.. may wonder the halls."
Cat- "Why did you make them leave?"
Sikowitz- "Ah, I dont know. They never talk?"
Tori- "Yeah? They just sit there and react.."
Jade- "So what do you want with us?"
Sikowitz- "Who likes parades?"
Robbie- "Antonio Benderez."
Rex- "Hillbillies!"
Jade- "No one!"
Sikowitz- "Oh come on, parades are fun!"
Cat- "One time, my brother was in a parade but he was inappopriate so the parade people called the police and now he's not aloud to be in parades... or be near horses."
Jade- "Play with the pretty keys."
Cat- "Kk!"
Sikowitz- "So, you all know about the woman I've been dating Velesia!"
All- "No.."
Sikowitz- "Well anyway, she is the creative director of this years parade-parade."
Andre- "Parade-parade?"
Tori- "I've never heard of that?"
Sikowitz- "Exactly! Its a parade to help raise awareness of parades. Anyway, I sort of promised Velesia I'd get some of my most creative students to build a float and perform!"
Tori- "In the parade-parade?"
Sikowitz- "Yes! So, who would like to... how about the rest of you?! Would you guys like to build a float and do a little song in the parade?! Hm? For sweet daddy Sikowitz?"
All- "Uh.. no.."
Sikowitz- "Alright, if you dont wanna be on national television.. where all kinds of Hollywood producers and casting directors will see you? then thats cood-ili-doo with me!"
Tori- "WAIT!"
Sikowitz- "Yes?"
Tori- "This parades going to be on National television?!"
Sikowitz- "Yep!"
Tori- "Well, if its gonna be on national-"
Jade- "Give my keys back... wheres my house key?"
Cat- "Uggh."
Tori- "I'll take her to the nurse!"
Cat- "I swallowed it.."
Tori- "We'll see it again."

(Intro song)

(Tori's house)

Cat- "Okay.."
Andre- "Oh-k."
Robbie- "Parade float.."
Andre- "Ideas.."
Cat- "What do we have so far?"
Tori- "Lets see, oh, we have two! A tribute to the fruits of mexico.. and.. a good idea for float!"
Rex- "What was wrong with my idea?"
Tori- "No-one wants to see a parade float called the ladies of North-Ridge."
Andre/Robbie- "Well..."
Tori- "Come on guys! Be serious! You wanna look dumb on national TV?"
Trina- "Ahh! Whos gonna be on national TV?"
Cat- "We're performing in the parade-parade!"
Trina- "I'll do it!"
Tori- "Trina.."
Trina- "No! Seriously! I'll sing or dance.. and I can just stand on the float at the front and just be the pretty girl.. I could totally just be the pretty girl!"
Tori- "Alright. Lets put it to a vote!